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Colored Theatre Lights



Ages 4-15

Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th October 2023

 Crookham Village 

What happened to Ursula the sea witch? 4-8 years 

Wednesday - 8-15years 

Times on products 

Showing is on the last day for both groups!

Prices and more information will be on the workshops you click below 
*prices vary to how many days and what times you choose.

What we do

Our workshops are cram packed with Singing, Dancing, Acting  and Stage Crafts. They are planned and crafted for specific age groups. 

When are they held?

 Our workshops are held throughout the year!  Every school holiday!
They are held in venues around Crookham Village and Ash. 


We offer parents to come on the final day!

What do students gain?

Students gain a knowledge of performance in many styles of dance, singing & acting and accent work. Not only that but they leave having met new friends, gained confidence and overall have a blast!

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